Nothing lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever;not even the nightmare you had when you were a kid. Not even your biggest phobia, not the most painful heartbreak. Not even that one scar which did ache for years . Nothing lasts forever. Everything good that makes its way to you or is the best for you is … More RIEN N’EST ÉTERNEL


BLACK,it is a colour.A colour which describes life,a colour which describes the human race.It describes a woman who lost her husband.It differentiates a person from another of his kind.It describes the nights we stay awake looking at the ceiling,drowned in our own desires.It describes the emptiness of our hearts,the feeling we get when we break … More BLACK


Outside the shop, you can see the well-known circular sign on the glass window, which is the logo of Starbucks showing an image of a twin-tailed crowned mermaid. The bronze banner on the upper part of the shop features the big capital word “STARBUCKS COFFEE” in green, distinguishing itself from the surrounding shops. Waiting for … More DAY AT THE CAFÉ