Indorum legationem ad nos omni

    There is only one difference between us; nationality.
    We celebrate Christmas,ST. peters day and Thanksgiving just like you make the girls study and treat them as equal, so do we. You listen to all english raps, so do we. Our nation is evolving. Your companies earn a great profit, our’s are no less. We accept people for who they are just like you do.Your cultures are now our cultures too. We aren’t less than you in any way, its just that we greet others in a way that they feel much more superior than we are.We like keeping our feet stick to the ground yet touch the sky.We aren’t any different, we are just a little unique. We aren’t dumb, our nationalities are different. Even though you might believe that us ‘INDIANS’ can never be on the top because that is your position; you’re wrong. Even though that is your platform , it can always be ours too, but we respect your opinions. If we can be successful enough to launch 104 satellites in a go, then imagine what changes can we bring to this world. If an Indian can rule over a search engine which is used less by us compared to you,then imagine what we can be.If we can invent the number ‘0’ to start your counting,then believe me, we can do a lot. We only greet others in a way in which they feel much more superior. we join our hands and bow down before you to greet and show that we aren’t half less than you, we do that to make you understand that we are equal. don’t ever mistake our politeness for our weakness,because still waters run deep.


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